Bertoldi Holding is a private investment Company controlled by the brothers Gianluca and Giacomo Bertoldi. The first activities date back to the sixties, when their grandfather Aldo Bertoldi, a strong and entrepreneurial businessman, focused its activities on the market of import and export of spices, dried fruit and coffee.

The opening of the first supermarkets under the Orvea brand, left an indelible mark in Trentino: we contributed to the development of local economies with a sales format that was not yet known. It's been over half a century and several generations have succeeded; to date, the 3rd generation is in command with a new holding company, Bertoldi Holding.

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Gruppo Bertoldi's Office
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The activities of Bertoldi Holding are today concentrated in the operational management of the group companies, in the investee advisory and in the development and research of new businesses, operating and investing primarily in the areas of food distribution, real estate and fintech for a better financial and digital world, successfully carrying out entrepreneurial initiatives built in more than six decades of experience.

Our Timeline_


The trolley that changed the world

We like to tell the story of the year 1940, when the shopping cart showed itself in the "Saturday Evening Post" accompanied by the title "The trolley that changed the world". Conceived by Sylvan N. Goldman, the brilliant owner of an Oklahoma supermarket, the classic trolley was born as an entrepreneurial challenge aimed at multiplying the number of items purchased by customers.


The post-war products

Right after the 2nd world war, we started the activity of importing "new" products for a post-war Italy that needed to reborn: dried figs and sultanas from Turkey, prunes from California, pineapples from the Ivory Coast, peanuts from China, pepper from Sarawak.


The first Orvea supermarket is born

The experience of a decade brought us to think of a new retail shopping experience: this was the year of the inauguration of the first "Orvea supermarket", in the central Via Belenzani in Trentino: we definitely changed the way people were used to buy food and groceries with the first self-service supermarket in town.


Redefinition of objectives

After more than half a century spent managing ordinary businesses and a supermarket chain that needed to bridge a competitive gap, we started pursuing new businesses and the third generation of the family with Gianluca and Giacomo took over the company by selling some side activities of the group. Bertoldi Holding decides in that year to invest more than 10 million euros in the development of the group.


Real estate digitalization with a Fintech mindset

Walliance is born, the first Italian real estate crowdfunding platform, today authorized by Consob in Italy and AMF in France came alive to disrupt the entire Real Estate sector. With 28 millions invested as of today, 22 real estate developments, it has more than 39k active users.
Today, Fintech is the main focus of the group.


The world just changed

The world has completely changed, consumption methods have been almost entirely wiped out by a digital world.
To continue our growth over the next years and beyond, we have to watch forward, understand the trends and forces that will shape our enterprise in the future while moving quickly to prepare us for what has yet to come.
We continue to invest in high-quality teams with short-term profitable companies.


Economic and financial strenght of the group

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33,1 M

2023 group consolidated revenues

32 M

2023 group consolidated assets value

+3,4 M

approved investments
for 2024


subsidiaries companies

*when with "€" numbers are in millions of euro

Second line

How do
we invest_

The criteria that guides the Group's investment choices are:

People: we are looking for people with high professionalism and with successful experiences participating in the value creation and think and act as entrepreneurs.

Economic and financial results: we are looking for companies that have demonstrated a significant ability to generate cash and profits, with a balanced equity structure.

Competitive positioning: we invest in companies with a long-term sustainable competitive advantage, that are best in class or are capable of becoming one.

Governance: we participate in the Boards of Administration to monitor the progress and contribute to the development of company.


some active investments

Active investments


Orvea is a supermarket chain in Trentino, founded in 1959 by Aldo Bertoldi: today with over 100 million euros turnover it is part of the Gruppo Poli.

Active investments

Walliance is the first Italian equity crowdfunding platform where investors can meet entrepreneurs to support individual real estate projects.

Walliance is the first Italian equity crowdfunding platform where investors can meet entrepreneurs to support individual real estate projects. It’s an all-Italian start-up with the ambitious goal of innovating the economies linked to the real estate world.

Active investments

Living Alberione

Living Alberione is a real estate development designed by our Real Estate subsidiary Ubika, to give to the city of Trento a place where it is nice to come home.

Active investments


DupliClick is the food e-commerce company of Gruppo Poli with shopping delivery points in Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto (Italy).

Active investments


Satispay is an app that lets you pay in stores, exchange money with friends, purchase services and save in a smart way.

Active investments


WAO is a proptech startup specializing in the design, implementation and management of smart and innovative co-working and co-living spaces.

Active investments


Digital Riot is a creative studio founded in Lugano that develops creative solutions for small and big brands alike, builds authentic product, identities and much more.

Active investments


A FrescoFrigo is a high-tech unmanned retail point, from which people can get healthy fresh food within their building 24/7.

Active investments


PinsaLab is based in Reggio Emilia and specialises in the production of Italian artisanal Pinsa, a company with emphasis on craftsmanship and on Italian culinary tradition. This investment has been made through a SPV.

Active investments


Aidexa is the new fintech exclusively dedicated to small businesses and freelancers, which speeds up the access to credit with a simple experience and a surprising innovative approach.

Active investments

La finanziaria Trentina

La Finanziaria Trentina is an investment company from Trentino which aims to invest resources
locally and ethically,
to encourage growth
of the local economy.

Active investments


MishiPay empowers shoppers to scan and pay for their shopping with their smartphones, rather than wasting time queuing at the checkout.

Active investments


Crowdcube is a leading equity crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs of start-ups and growing businesses to connect with potential investors.

exited investments

Exited investments

zing zing express

Zing Zing was a UK company founded by Josh Magidson, created after selling his business start-up to Just.Eat, with the idea of ​​starting to produce the best Chinese take-away in the world. The company closed its dark kitchens in 2020 following the Covid pandemic.

Exited investments

ft real estate spa

FT Real Estate was a real estate investment company of La Finanziaria Trentina group, now incorporated within the latter.

Exited investments

le cicogne

Le Cicogne is a company where you can find your babysitter thanks to more than 56,000 babysitters and nannies throughout Italy, through an App. Today it is part of the Orienta Group.

Active investments


Oval is the smartest solution for digital natives to manage their personal finances all in one unique, intuitive app.

Active investments


Starteed is a crowd-company that develops solutions in the crowdfunding market with the aim of providing customized technological infrastructures.